TESSY first before publish

TESSY's objective is to protect your academic integrity. TESSY helps you by checking your academic works similarity with our database records, internet sources, and our universities network database.



Interested to know more about our feature, we invite you to join with our community.

Institutions that already trust TESSY for their academic work protection

First Benefit

TESSY compares your work similarities with billions of article source on the internet.

Second Benefit

Once your university joins with TESSY network, it will be connected with our university database network.

Third Benefit

Your articles are stored securely in our database. Using TESSY means that you support the development of Indonesian start-up. TESSY is 100% made by Indonesian.

Fourth Benefit

The result can be scanned by QR code. Simple to be used for any academic occasion and publication.

TESSY is honored to get seed funding by

BATCH 2 2016

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First Step

Upload your work in PDF.

Second Step

Choose the similarity check from own submission, online source, and/or our repo.

Third Step

Chose the candidate.

Fourth Step

Compare it.

Fifth Step

Check where the point of similarity.

Sixth Step

Print your certificate in QR code.

or download manual in PDF version here