For your academic integrity.

TESSY is a platform for collaborative research. TESSY protects your academic integrity by checking the similarity issue. One platform for your genuine academic works.



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Institutions that already trust TESSY for their academic work protection

“With TESSY, I can check how genuine my work is & TESSY is really a solution for all my academic works”

Jane Smith
Director of Analytics
XO Company

First Benefit

Find the research theme that has not been discovered yet.

Second Benefit

Get advised from your peers or supervisors.

Third Benefit

Check the similarity of your works with existing literatures.

Fourth Benefit

Print and legalised your originality in QR code.

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BATCH 2 2016

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First Step

Upload your work in PDF.

Second Step

Choose the similarity check from own submission, online source, and/or our repo.

Third Step

Chose the candidate.

Fourth Step

Compare it.

Fifth Step

Check where the point of similarity.

Sixth Step

Print your certificate in QR code.